Yoga House Ann Arbor

Yoga House was born from a love of the practice and a desire for a warm, welcoming, peaceful place in which to teach and study. We are a fully equipped yoga studio in southeast Ann Arbor Michigan with two beautiful floors of practice space.

Yoga House invites you to enjoy the inspiration of our nature filled setting, convenient location, and the beautiful view as we practice. Our smaller classes and supportive, encouraging environment afford an opportunity for in depth learning and understanding. Teaching is Anusara based because we love looking for the good, laughter, and the Universal Principals of Alignment! Anusara blends the science of biomechanics with an openhearted uplifting philosophy. Anusara aims to awaken and express joy.

The practice of Yoga can help you relieve stress, increase your energy level, improve your posture, develop strength, balance, flexibility, patience, mental focus, and it is fun! We are excited to be a part of the growing worldwide community united by the love of Anusara. Please join us.

Learn, Grow, Enjoy!

Yoga House Ann Arbor
3286 McComb St.
(734) 358-8546